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AANM Podcast, Episode 3a: Interview with Nura Suleiman

Continuing with our podcast series about service, in conjuction with our Patriots & Peacemakers exhibit, Candice interviews Nura Suleiman, Palestinian American and Peace Corps volunteer. Nura volunteered in Cameroon, Africa and she talks about her experience there and what that service meant to her.

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AANM Podcast, Episode 2: Introduction to the Patriots & Peacemakers Exhibit

Candice and Nama introduce the newest exhibit at the Arab American National Museum; Patriots & Peacemakers: Arab Americans in Service to Our Country. They discuss some of the questions that the exhibit poses. What does service mean? What is a “patriot”? How have Arab Americans served the country? What kind of experiences have Arab Americans had while doing service?

This podcast also leads into the next two episodes, interviews with poet & Korean War veteran Dr. Samual Hazo and Peace Corps volunteer Nura Suleiman, both of whom are featured in the exhibit. Stay posted for these upcoming episodes in the following weeks!

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