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Faith, Fashion, Fusion: Muslim women’s style in Australia

Australian Muslim women dress in diverse styles and are increasingly choosing to engage with global fashion trends while also expressing their faith. Faith, fashion, fusion explores Sydney’s emerging modest fashion market and the work of a new generation of fashion designers, retailers and bloggers offering stylish clothing and fashion advice to Muslim women.

Faith, fashion and Muslim identity are further explored through the experiences and achievements of a group of Australian Muslim women. Their stories reflect on the diversity of the Muslim community and the importance of the Muslim faith in all aspects of their lives.

A new exhibit at the Powerhouse Museum in Australia delves into the fashion trends of Australian Muslim women. Many people think Muslim women and fashion do not go together because they’re ignorant about how Arab and Muslim women really live their lives.

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Even today, hundreds, if not thousands, of English words that we use in our daily conversations have Arabic roots including terms like “sugar”, “algebra”, “alcohol”, “safari”, and many more.
From “Arab and Muslim Contributions and Backlash" by Tareq Ramadan on the Reclaiming Identity: Dismantling Arab Stereotypes blog.

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AANM Podcast, Episode 3a: Interview with Nura Suleiman

Continuing with our podcast series about service, in conjuction with our Patriots & Peacemakers exhibit, Candice interviews Nura Suleiman, Palestinian American and Peace Corps volunteer. Nura volunteered in Cameroon, Africa and she talks about her experience there and what that service meant to her.

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